Tips and advice on carpet cleaning

General rules:

- Do not allow the stain to dry on the carpet. If it is solid or dry, scrape and brush.

- Before using a cleaning of carpets and rugs, please, test a corner. If the stain is solid try rubbing gently apply the product. Finish then rinsing with warm water and rub sponge.

- It is important to thoroughly dry the carpet.

- Gently brush the area was stained.

limpiezaTypes of cleaning depending on the type of stain :

- Stains: oil, fat, butter, wax, cream cosmetics, bitumen, tar, ink pen. We recommend using dry cleaning solvent (alcohol, benzene, gasoline, perchlorethylene, etc.) .

- Stains of coffee, tea , milk , cocoa, chocolate, cream, egg, blood, gravy, vomiting … we recommend that you clean water with detergent and vinegar if the stain remains, please, apply dry cleaning solvent .

- Stains of sweets, fruits, juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits … we recommend cleaning detergent with water and vinegar.

- Gum stains, lipstick, crayon, paints, washable ink, urine, excrement … we recommend cleaning with dry cleaning solvent or water with detergent and vinegar if the stain persists try solvent.

- Nail polish stains, we recommend cleaning it with acetone, and if it’s produced by mud when dry and scrapers should use water with ammonia.