In 1942 Mr. Antonio Lledó Martinez created the company LLEDÓ CARPETS, SL. Quality is their fundamental principle and satisfying their customers is essential. They offer and will continue to offer the best carpets and tapestries. All their products are made in Crevillent and they follow the strictest technical and quality before going to market. They have a specialized technical staff to the top. Their designers team are also experts in fashion, create and discover trends, so their designs are the most original and go a step forward in terms of trends. They are experts in tinted and their spun wool are subjected to a meticulous preparation process as well as bactericidal undergo processes to ensure excellence in their raw materials. They have modern looms with the latest technological advances, ensuring production with the best finishes and best quality. Also, they don’t forget the tradition and value of the unique touch in this kind of products, so that their process is always reviewed and reworked the traditional way, achieving an excellent fusion of modern technology with the traditionally and ancestrally.

Finished product : Carpets and Tapestries Pure New Wool. Plush feedstock: Pure New Wool, jute and cotton

Lledó Carpets S.L. C/. Peña Sendra, 12 03330 Crevillent, Alicante Teléfono: (34) 96 540 07 96 www.lledocarpets.com