Moquetas Rols S.A.

ROLS belongs to a long history in which textile culture, craftsmanship and perfection mingles. Since 1974, his primary goal as a producer of carpets and rugs of high quality has been and continues to successfully solving the needs of individuals and wholesalers decoration, facilities and major hotel chains, from anywhere in the world. ROLS is part of the prestigious Gómez company group, founded in 1917 by D. Francisco Gómez. During the course of his business, companies in this group have been pioneers in the manufacture of carpets and rugs. All of them have provided constant improvements and innovations in this sector, which led him to have the most modern equipment in the market. ROLS has one of the largest production facilities in the market and latest machinery. From a strategic place, Crevillent (Alicante) region dedicated to the production of carpets and rugs, exports its products to all 5 continents. Currently ROLS is at the forefront of national and international market, and it’s Europe’s company with the best and largest diversified carpets structures for its wide variety of manufacturing systems, both traditional and new technology.

Finished product : Carpet Plush feedstock: 100 % Wool Availability guided tours

Moquetas Rols S.A. C/ Calpe, Nave 70-Pol.Ind.Faima 03330 Crevillent, Alicante Teléfono: (34) 96 540 09 79