Sualfombra S.A.

Our tradition in the area dates back to the 40s, the company was incorporated as SUALFOMBRA, SA in 1983 . Their facilities over 5.200m2 are equipped with the latest technology. SUALSA is undoubtedly a leader in the manufacture of carpets in Spain. A company that has managed to maintain and enhance its reputation in the industry, thanks to its own design team, allowing you to maintain leadership in more styles and actual colors, traditional or custom projects to fulfill any demand. A computerized machinery and a sales network able to take great care of each one of the zones across the country and anywhere in the world, give this company a unique identity label. The provision of service throughout the production chain, from lab, dyeing, winding, with the most strict quality controls are a real guarantee for all our customers.

Finished product : Carpets and rugs corridors Plush feedstock: Lana, Leacril, polyester, polypropylene, viscose chenille, polyacrylamide, viscose cotton, polyester PVC

Sualfombra S.A. Paseo de Elche,20 03330 Crevillent, Alicante Teléfono: (34)96 540 13 76