(Unión Nacional de Fabricantes de Alfombras, Moquetas, Revestimientos e Industrias afines y Auxiliares, aka National Union of Manufacturers of rugs, carpets, coverings and related industries and auxiliary). unifamCrevillent is the home of the carpets in our country. Their tradition goes back centuries. It is claimed that stems from Roman times, when the imperial needs of manufactures of straw led to the emergence of craft production. However, the first documented news of the existence of this craft is much later, namely the year 1411, when an agreement between people granted the Moors permission Crevillent people mowing the reed of the wetlands of Vinalopó and Segura rivers, certainly intended to manufacture mats. Since then the sector has undergone a remarkable evolution becoming the epicenter of the Spanish production and achieving a presence in international markets supported by the prestige of their products. Under the institutional point of view, UNIFAM was incorporated on May 22, 1977 under the law of April of that year that recognized the freedom of business associations. From its creation to date has focused UNIFAM target in defending the interests of companies, developing activities in all fields, such as international and national advocacy, education, promotion of research and development, implementation of communication technology and information, institutional relationships, recovery and consolidation of local traditions attached to sectoral and personalized attention to their business, getting the consolidation of a century old and traditional industrial sector but, in turn, avant-garde.